Weekend in Sochi: the best vacation for you!

Weekend in Sochi: the best vacation for you!: Photo

Going to Sochi for the weekend, you need to explore the local attractions. You can choose the itinerary you like on your own or take advantage of the offer of the hotel.

If you want to explore this city far and wide, here is a small list of local attractions that you should definitely visit:

  • Park Riviera;
  • N. Ostrovsky Literary and Memorial Museum;
  • Iceberg Winter Sports Palace;
  • 33 Waterfalls Valley;
  • Oceanarium;
  • Sochi Art Museum.

However, Sochi is an attraction in itself. There is no famous artist in Russia who has not visited and performed in this beautiful city. Concerts of foreign and domestic stars are held here constantly and all year round. As the legendary head of the city Vyacheslav Voronkov said, Sochi is a resort area of ​​Moscow.

What kind of vacation is there without a walk by the sea? If the season and weather permit, go on a boat trip. You can get enough of the fresh sea air and enjoy the view of the Black Sea coast.

If there is no opportunity for a boat trip, then an evening walk with a loved one is exactly what we miss so much among gray everyday life.

In any case, when going to Sochi for the weekend, spend it in such a way that the pleasant impressions of the rest will remain with you for a long time.