Restaurant "Granat"

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Granat restaurant at the Dolphin Resort Hotel & Conference is one of the most interesting establishments in Sochi, a real piece of welcoming Georgia: the magnificence of the interior, the atmosphere of peace and aesthetics. On the eve of the high season, "Granat" is pleased to show a special chic and offer you a cozy summer terrace for an unforgettable breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Georgian hospitality, the sympathetic attitude of all the staff, the desire to give pleasure - a real "garnet" in the restaurant European level.

Gourmets of the whole city know that only in the restaurant "Granat" you can eat such special puff khachapuri from the chef, the dough for which is prepared by hand by the master himself. The menu contains traditional Georgian dishes in full: all kinds of meat masterpieces, tapaka chicken and a great many magnificent Caucasian delicacies.

The restaurant's wine collection is ready to offer you noble brands of the best Georgian wines with pronounced varietal bouquets. Any dish with a glass of such a drink will reveal wonderful shades of taste for you, turn your meal into an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure.